The Space Exploration Society at Berkeley is the Berkeley chapter forThe Planetary Society (TPS). Our main goal is to stimulate interest in a space-related career for students of all majors at University of California, Berkeley. We will accomplish our goals by forming a network of students interested in space, providing leadership opportunities, educating both students and non-students with scientific outreach, participating in space-related competitions (rocket-building, 3D printing, space policy), and interacting with professional organizations and companies. By inspiring the next generation of space scientists, we hope to accelerate the development and exploration of space.

The Space Exploration Society at Berkeley is the only club at Berkeley that promotes the exploration and development of space. We serve as the de facto astronomy club at Berkeley since it is directly related to space interests. We are also the first interdisciplinary society to encourage space interests and attract members from all majors including engineering, the physical sciences, and the humanities.


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